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Assist Your Postpartum Body's Recovery for the 4th trimester! (The Innate Mama)

Congratulations, New Mummy you have just had your beautiful baby & your world has changed forever....So has your body!

Whether it be a natural virginal birth, an induced birth, a cesarean or an emergency cesarean a post pregnant body has a lot of recovering to do.

A Pregnant woman's body goes through lots of changes for nine months, its now time for the mother to retrace the clock, restore, re-balance both the physiological emotional & structural changes.

With all the demands on motherhood (&visitors too!) it is essential for the new mother to take time out to heal herself!

Early Postpartum recovery period is generally 6 weeks after childbirth., however the body's metabolic & hormonal changes can take several more months.

{During this time as a new Mum you can feel very exhausted, overwhelmed & have mixed emotions about being a new Mum. Please take the time to rest & say no to visitors when you need to.. It is a very important time for both Mum & Baby to bond to help establish breastfeeding & to get to know babies wants/needs out of utero}

A Postpartum Massage can help support the body's recovery process in many ways:

Recovery from Labour: Feelings of exhaustion (basically you feel like you have been hit by a bus!) Pelvic ligament, joint strain & pain

Pain relief medications side effects (headaches, fever, backache)

Pelvic Floor tenderness or repair

Hemroids or constipation

2-6 weeks of the 'after pains' uterine involution (going back into place) & discharge

Changes to the endocrine system re-adjusting to the body's system to its non-pregnant state.

Mammary changes inc. milk production, engorgement & adjusting to nursing.

Emotional adjustments (baby blues)

Puerperal weight loss , the shift in the centre of gravity due to fast weight loss

Re-balance of postural changes & the impact of movement patterns

lack of abdominal muscle tone & integrity

Pain from trigger points & muscle tension in the abdominal, hip flexors (iliopsosas muscle) lower back, coccyx, gluteal muscles & hip area.

healing & functional restrictions due to surgery (cesarean birth)

strain of weakened imbalanced joints & muscles (inc. neck & pecs)

When is it safe to have a Postpartum Massage?

Post Partum Massage is available from 5 days (following labour) for a Natural birth & 2 weeks for a Cesarean birth (medical clearance maybe required)

It is recommended that you breast feed baby prior to massage so that you are most comfortable lying down during the massage (helps bubs be more settled too!)

How will you benefit physically from a Post Partum Massage?

Muscle tension relief in upper/mid & lower back, shoulders, neck, pectoral muscles (which work hard from breastfeeding!)

Supporting the lumber spine

Coccyx pain relief (from labour)

Re-balancing the pelvis/hips (pain/tension relief)

Abdominal muscles tension relief & support to the pelvic organs

Assist wound healing (cesarean births)

Stress & tiredness relief

Instill calmness & help to re-balance the hormones (emotional release may occur which is normal)

reduce pregnancy discomforts that linger on in the post natal period

reconnect you with your body post birth/pregnancy

Contraindications for Post Partum Massage:

blood clotting, foul smelling blood or discharged (infection may be present)

mastitis or engorgement (of breasts)

high blood pressure & swelling

heat, swelling or pain the calves (may lead to deep vein thrombosis)

Cesarean wound not healing/healed or pain in the abdominal or pelvis

high temperature or infection present

Important info about complications & Post Natal depression in the early Post Partum period:

*heat or swelling in the calves

*sudden onset of difficulty in breathing,shortness of breath, chest pain, disorientation

*excessive bright red or foul smelling Lochia (bleeding) after the first week

*redness swelling or pus at the cesarean or perineal stitches

*painful burning urination and/or lower back pain unchanged by activity

*heat, Hyperemia & tenderness in breasts

*difficulty in normal life events: eating & sleeping

*prolong periods of intense sadness, emotional distress or lack of emotion

*rapid weight gain or loss

*sustained use of drugs, alcohol, sedatives & other drugs

*planning or attempting injury to self or others

**Post Natal Depression can be linked to what has occurred in Labour. Please remember you are not alone & you are not the only one that is going through it!

Please seek advice from:


Post Natal Doula:

Birth debriefing:

Post Partum Massage is available at Retreat You by 'Marisa' who is certified in Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage (Pregnancy Massage Australia)

Appointment duration is 75 mins Consultation/Massage (additional time/treatments can be added at your request)

Post Natal Massage is also available in the comfort of your own home.

Newborns & Partners are most welcome at the appointment.


Marisa 0401 676 347

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