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Safe & Effective Massages For Each Trimester of Pregnancy (The Innate Mama)

Safe & Effective

Massage For Each Trimester of Pregnancy

Being Pregnant is such an amazing & exciting time but it can also be uncomfortable & stressful on your body. With all of the changes going on both physically, Mentally & not to mention the HORMONES your is under quite a bit of pressure & strain.

(can you imagine if Men had to go through this?? )

Pregnancy Massage can assist you & help you feel more comfortable, relaxed, less stressed, balance your hormones & relieve Muscular tension through out each trimester of Pregnancy.

Don't make the mistake of trusting just anyone to massage you in Pregnancy as they will not be able to give you what your body needs and if they don't have any Pregnancy training at all this can be unsafe/uncomfortable for both Mother & baby.

when you see a Pregnancy Trained Massage therapist it is reassuring to know you are in safe hands whilst you are Pregnant.

So why even take the risk & go to someone who doesn't have Pregnancy Massage Training?


I see a lot of pregnant Ladies & many of them have bad experiences at Dayspa's. Most of the time you will see a therapist who is not trained in Pregnancy Massage and who is not confident in treating clients that are Pregnant!! (I have also worked in Dayspas)

The most common complaints & issues that I hear from my Clients

about their Pregnancy Massage's at Dayspa's are:

*The Therapists don't use the correct pressure.....

To little pressure & the massage is not relieving any tension (kind of feels pointless!!) & too much pressure will leave you feeling ill!

(I've experienced this while pregnant also)

*lying down in a Belly Pillow for more than 30mins & My Belly wasn't comfortable...

It is not safe for mother & baby to be lying in a belly pillow more than 25-30mins (blood flow/circulation is not as good whilst lying on your belly)

Belly Pillows are Made one size fits all!! (Pregnant bellies come in different shapes & sizes!)

One client told me she spent the whole massage lying on the belly pillow & when she got up her face was red, she was feeling hot & dizzy. How Terrible for that poor Client!!

"It was a nice massage but They didn't do what I asked for or helped my hips, upper & Lower back tension"

Usually The therapist doesn't know the correct massage techniques that will help release the tension in your hips, Lower Back & shoulders. This can be because you are lying in a belly Pillow (doesn't allow full access to the hips)

They aren't trained in Pregnancy Massage or they are to inexperienced to Massage you! So Don't put Yourself & Your baby at risk!!


If you see a Massage Therapist that is not trained in Pregnancy Massage they may not know how to support both you & your baby correctly & Safely during the Massage.

(Also watch out for those Asian Shopping Centre Massage Places!!)

Seeing a trained 'Pregnancy Massage Therapist' (Pregnancy Massage Australia) will assist you & support you throughout your Pregnancy journey.

We understand what is going on in a Pregnant Ladies body and will use the correct techniques to give you the best results from your Massage.

The Benefits you will receive from your Pregnancy Massage with a 'Pregnancy Trained Massage Therapist'

*Reduces Your Stress Levels

(High Stress can have effects on Mothers health and Baby's development)

*Stabilizes blood pressure

*Balances hormones

*Reduces swelling /oedema in legs, feet &hands

*Eases muscular tension/pain: hips, gluts, legs, arms, lower back, shoulders, neck, including sciatica pain & rib tension.

*All other joint/muscular/Ligament pain & conditions common in Pregnancy

*assists to ease abdominal pressure & ab separation

*Reduces leg cramps

* increases relaxation & improves sleep patterns

*reduces anxiety/stress

*Beautiful mother/baby connection

*helps prepare women both physically, emotionally and mentally for labour

*Massage in each Trimester of Pregnancy

1st trimester: Light/Medium pressure massage is recommended and if morning sickness is present then its best for you to choose a time of the day that you feel well.

(Not advised if you have had 2 or more miscarriage’s)

2nd /3rd trimester Medium/Medium-Firm pressure massage, when using specialised techniques in hip & lower back the pressure may deepen to allow the tension and pain to release!

**if you unwell during your pregnancy or have any contraindications then you would be advised to check with your healthcare provider whether it would be safe for you to have a massage in each trimester of Pregnancy**

Pregnancy Massage is a fantastic way to care for your Body's well-being during Pregnancy but remember try to keep your appointments regular (every 4-6weeks) to help your body feel its best!

If you would like to know more about the Pregnancy Massages I offer at Retreat You Please feel free to contact me, check out my website or Facebook page.

I look forward to treating you soon at The Innate Mama!

Marisa x

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