What is Lomi Lomi Massage? (The Innate Mama)

What is a Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi Simply means Massage, it is a unique healing massage derived from Ancient Polynesians & Master healers of Hawaii. being a Lomi Lomi Massage therapist you need to have an understanding of the Hawaiian Philosophy called 'Huna'. An assumption of' Huna' is that everything seeks harmony and love. A way of understanding this is that Lomi Lomi Massage is also known as 'Loving Hand' Massage.(with a loving heart) When Lomi Lomi is preformed, it works gently, yet deeply into the muscles with flowing continuous strokes which is nurturing to the body: this allows the client to completely relax, give in and simply be. Lomi Lomi's flowing energy, long continuous flowing strokes combined with a loving touch, relaxes the entire being, Assists in letting go of old beliefs, patterns that can cause limitations which are stored in the cells of your body. Lomi Lomi Massage not only helps release energy blockages it also gives the energy new direction. Lomi Lomi is not just a physical experience it also helps healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. Lomi Lomi Massage commences with a stillness between both client and Practitioner. The practitioner will then quietly say a prayer or blessing for the client asking them to set their intention on whatever healing that would like to receive during the massage. The practitioner will then preform the massage working very intuitively with the client, which means their is no set format or sequence for a Lomi Lomi Massage. The Massage is given in a fluid, rhythmic motion using forearms and hands. Two parts of the body may also be massaged at the same time! Under body and full body strokes are also used to help free the energy, softening the body and allowing an abundant flow of life energy to the client. Gentle stretches and gentle rotations of the joints are also incorporated to assist the release of any tensions & allow a flow of energy.

Their is so much more that can be added to Lomi Lomi Massage and each practitioner will have their own unique way of preforming this massage. As much as I can I like to honour and respect the Hawaiian teachings that I learnt. This one of my favourite Hawaiian Principles

"Energy Flows Where The Attention Goes"

Aloha! Marisa x

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